Our mission is to champion the public interest — to speak out for healthier, safer, more secure lives for all of us. We value ideas and policies that both improve the quality of our lives now and put us on a path to a better future. (lead pollution)

Fresno Unified Support

FUSD Department of Prevention & Intervention, Social Emotional Wellness and Support (mental health)

Time Magazine

Time Magazine; As More States Require Schools to Teach LGBTQ History, Resources for Teachers Expand (LGBTQ)

Human Tech

We envision a world where technology supports our shared well-being, sense-making, democracy, and ability to tackle complex global challenges. (tech challenges, social media)

Showing Up for Social Justice

The fight against racism is our issue. It’s not something that we’re called on to help people of color with. We need to become involved with it as if our lives depended on it because really, in truth, they do. (racism, white supremacy)

Fresno Youth Court

A Fresno County Superior Court judge holds hearings on campus. Because teens understand teens best, the jurors in these hearings are fellow students. These jurors work with the judge to impose sentences that help the offender understand the impact of the offense on his or her family, school, and community.(juvenile justice, restorative discipline)

Better Angels

is a national citizens’ movement to reduce political polarization in the United States by bringing liberals and conservatives together to understand each other beyond stereotypes, forming red/blue community alliances, teaching practical skills for communicating across political differences. (democracy, partisan politics, unity)

Black Lungs Matter

Black Lives / Black Lungs is a short film investigating the tobacco industry’s successful infiltration into the black community. (video, vaping, smoking)

Enlightened Consciousness in Schools

School sends kids to meditation instead of detention, with amazing results. (mindfulness, discipline)

Music and Memory

Student- I became an ambassador for Music and Memory by bringing this program to one of my local senior living facilities. We all had so much fun with the project days and they often ended with everyone dancing, laughing and reminiscing on memories brought back to them from the music. (video, senior citizen support)

Unequal from Birth

On its streets — in traffic stops, searches and arrests. In its schools — in suspensions and expulsions. And in its jail — in who’s locked up and for how long. Unequal treatment is the norm in Fresno. (Police, discrimination, racism, school discipline)

video- Greta Thunberg blasts world leaders at UN on apathy and the climate crisis. (video, environment, climate)

Central California Environmental Justice Network

Central California Environmental Justice Network has worked tirelessly with rural low income communities who are the most vulnerable to health impacts from degrading air quality, high water contamination, and exposure to pesticides. (environment, pesticides, water, air, justice)

Climate Change Lesson Plans
Climate change lesson plans and resources (ocean, water, energy, pollution, climate crisis)

Teach About Voting Rights with Democracy Class from Rock the Vote. (video, voting, democracy)

nonpartisan curriculum that educates high school students about the importance and history of voting and pre-registers and registers them to vote. (voting rights, census, democracy)

There’s a gun violence epidemic in America. Mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters are dying – more than 100 every day. (gun violence, security)

Fresno State Health Policy Institute

Fresno State; Central Valley Health Policy Institute, research reports to download (health, air quality, green space, housing)

California Suicide Prevention – ABC 30 News

ABC 30 news broadcast; CA requiring suicide prevention hotline printed on junior high, high school student ID cards. (video, suicide)

Coordinating volunteer opportunities for individuals from all walks of life. We partner with a wide range of community service organizations and government agencies to tackle issues like homelessness, hunger, education, animal welfare, environmental challenges (volunteer)

Serve America. Together. A campaign to make national service part ofgrowing up in America. (service)

The Central Valley Promise is a community effort to guarantee a path to college for students in our region. The Promise will ensure that if students and their parents pledge to do what it takes in middle and high school to prepare, college will be there for them in the future. (school, parent, success)

Fresno Legacy Project

Legacy Project- Fresno 2019 is a collaboration between VISIONS Inc., and Queen Califa Empowerment Project of H.O.P.E. (video, leadership, job training, values)

Well Being Trust

Well Being Trust is dedicated to advancing the mental, social and spiritual health of the nation; prevention, treatment, and recovery for mental health and substance misuse issues, while prioritizing an upstream focus on resilience and well-being in communities. (mental health, substance abuse)

The California Taskforce on K-12 Civic Learning was established in July 2012, the taskforce ended with the presentation of their final report in Summer 2014; final report, a blueprint for revitalizing civic education in California.(civic education)

video- In God We Trust; quotes that describe and support this motto. (video, national motto)

Youth-led Policy, Systems, and Environmental Change Interventions in UC CalFresh Nutrition Education. (civic engagement, nutrition)


iEARN-USA equips educators with the skills to integrate online collaboration and global projects in classrooms. Access to over 100 K-12 Global Projects, our Global Network of Educators and Youth. (international, cultural, projects)

National Archives

National Archives; primary sources, lessons, veteran and census records, photos and historic documents. (research, lessons, US history)


UNESCO; Political and economic arrangements of governments are not enough to secure the lasting and sincere support of the peoples. Peace must be founded upon dialogue and mutual understanding. Peace must be built upon the intellectual and moral solidarity of humanity.(resources, global perspectives)