60-Second Civics

The Center for Civic Education has launched a nationwide initiative to focus its signature daily program, 60-Second Civics, on the right to vote in the weeks leading up to the November 3 national elections. Each day, 60-Second Civics will feature a podcast focused on voting, elections and representation and how those rights are protected under the Constitution. 

James Lawson “We the People” Speaks at John Lewis Funeral

CEC Democracy School Teacher Guide

The Power of Democracy Steering Committeeis working to support robust civic learning experiences for all California students. Watch how California high school students benefit from engaging civic learning programs that equip, empower, and encourage them to grow into active citizens.

Educator Resources

Weblinks to organizations and resources for civic service projects. Use keyword search to find specific topics.

List of Local Attorney Guest Speakers

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Teachers: These videos were produced by high school students with help from mentors.  It becomes a powerful civic service project as it honors elders who have contributed much to our community or nation, and the digital stories are presented to the storyteller and their family as a DVD.  The Sutter MS students have done two of these stories about vets from Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

This is a permanent record of their story in their own words.  The videos can also be a resource for students and teachers in US or World History classes with stories of local heroes who were involved with wars, civil rights movements and examples of injustice (e.g. Japanese internment.)  Let us know if you to do this for a civic service project.

Henry LeMay

Jessie De La Cruz

Ike Ikeda

Rick Darling

8th grade students in the Democracy School Program at Sutter MS in Fowler produced this video of a local veteran. Teachers were Joseph Rodriguez and Lea Steele.