Fresno Bee Article by John Minkler



Through Action Civics,” students practice democracy in their community.  
They learn how government works and to harness that knowledge to launch them into collective action on issues they care about. 

Article in Education Week, March 20, 2019 

Watch Livestream Community Dialogue on Women’s Rights: Past, Present and Future

John Minkler Teaches Civic Education in Kenya

PRRI/Atlantic Poll: Only One in Three Young People Say They’re Certain to Vote 
Young women are more likely to be civically engaged, and political and civic participation by African Americans has eroded in the past two years.

The Atlantic, 10/11/18 

Is the U.S. a Democracy? A Social Studies Battle Turns on the Nation’s Values  
The United States is both a representative democracy and a republic.  
By Dana Goldstein, 4/7/19 NY Times 

Service-learning experiences that are integrated into a school district’s academic curriculum are identified as a method that allows students to learn and develop through activities that meet the needs of a community and help foster civic responsibility.  

Service Learning in Schools, 2014, Kahne & Westheimer 

Youth Civic Engagement and Health, Wellbeing and Safety: A Review of Research
Youth may be both less trusting of formal political institutions and increasingly willing and able to engage in civic life.

Democracy Program Podcast

(28 minutes)

Looking at Social Justice: The Civic Education Center’s Democracy Program

Dr. John Minkler shares the history and future expansion of the Democracy School Program.

The Social Justice Podcast with Stephen Morris

Dr. Stephen Morris interviewed by Jim Grant as part of the Social Justice Podcast series.  Steve talks about his story with social justice and education, co-founding the Civic Education Center.  

Education Matters

See the Education Matters segment on the Civic Service Summit at Scout Island with 60 middle school leaders from Sutter MS, Baird MS and Kepler Neighborhood School.  Thanks to the Fresno County office of Education and KSEE 24.